What Leaders Can Learn From Moms

by Sara

I recently went to the launch event for my brother’s new book titled, “Leaders Eat Last,”  by Simon Sinek. I was proud, as any sister would be, but what impressed me more was to hear what inspired him to write the book.  While the book is considered to be a business book, the people who inspired him most were the men and women of the U.S. military and parents.


You are probably asking yourself the same question I was, what on earth do I have in common with anyone serving in the U.S. military?   While I have done nothing worthy of even being mentioned in the same sentence with a brave solider, apparently we share a lot of similarities.  Over the past decade Simon has studied the United States Military to see how they operate as an organization and interact as people.  After many trips to  military bases, a daunting trip to Afghanistan, flights in fighter jets, Simon had an “ah ha” moment.  He realized that every one of these men and women fighting for our country embodies the same four characteristics:

1. They put others before themselves.

2. They have each others backs no matter what, and never go into battle alone.

3. They never want their fellow comrades to fail (or die).

4. They would risk their own lives (or eat last) if it meant saving another.

 They are leaders.

 Do they sound familiar?  As a parent reading this, raise your hand if you would do the same for your kids, as the men and women in the military do for each other?  I am guessing every one of you has their hand raised.  As parents, it is part of our DNA to put the safety, health and well-being of our kids before our own.  And of course we would always choose to eat last.

The book, Leaders Eat Last, says just that.  A good leader embodies the same traits as those of any U.S. military personnel or parent.  Whether you are a CEO, politician, school principal, or an employee at any company, a good leader puts others before of themselves, supports their co-workers and only wants to see their staff and colleagues succeed.  A good leader eats last.

leaders eat last 2

 If you want to be inspired to be a better leader, pick up a copy of Leaders Eat Last.

Have other examples of what leaders can learn from moms?  tweet @trainmoms @simonsinek #leaderseatlast

2 thoughts on “What Leaders Can Learn From Moms

  1. I have always felt as a manager I used several parenting techniques to manage my staff! LOL! think one of the differences between mothers and leaders is that good leaders spend the majority of their time listening while mothers don’t spend so much. Maybe that should be a lesson to us. I know that I am often wonderfully surprised when I stop to truly listen to my kids or to others (read: husband) etc. Nice post.

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