My Post 3-Day Weekend Confession

by Kim

After a 3-day weekend with my kids I have a confession to make….


HI my name is Kim and I’m a “yeller”!

There I just said it. I was told that admitting it is half the battle. BUT I was also told that it would also make me feel better; you know coming “clean” about what my family already knows to be true… and well, let’s just say it doesn’t.

In the parenting community, we “yellers” go by many other names; maybe you’ve heard of “The Screamers” (No, NOT “that kind”!) or “The Shouters”? Yup close personal friends of ours, in fact, I’m pretty sure we’re all related. (Distant cousins perhaps?!)

It’s just that with a defiant 3 &1/2-year-old, a “Know-it-all” 5 year-old, a husband who truly has selective hearing, and a cat who likes to throw up everywhere (leaving me to ALWAYS be the one stepping in it with my bare feet) – sometimes I’m just not as “calm” as I would like to be.

No matter how cool & composed I try to be, after I’ve said something for the 10th time in 2-minutes, my nerves get a bit rattled, and let’s just say my kids seem to react better to direction given at higher volumes.

Is it bad? H-ll yes! But is it working, (again) H-LL YES!

We’ve got 8-months to go but I already know what I’ll be adding to my list of New Year’s Resolutions!  Until then, G-d, please give me strength just to make it through the summer without loosing my voice!


Can you relate? Are you a #YELLERTOO?  Let me know I’m not alone!

3 thoughts on “My Post 3-Day Weekend Confession

  1. I’m a recovering yeller. I have relapses, but I have calmed down for the most part. It was the worst during my last pregnancy. The hormones were putting me over the edge. I got to a point where I felt like I was sabotaging myself and I’ve opted to just walk away. I watched a YT video by Guy Kawasaki and he had a suggestion not to take FB or social media conflicts to the 5th round. I’ve tried to incorporate that in my thinking. It has been successful in derailing my mouth. But with a resound “yes”, you are NOT alone. =) Blessings~

  2. I’m pretty sure all parents yell at some point…sometimes the exasperation is just too much! So don’t feel too bad. I doubt you’re yelling at them all the time (I totally get the “know it all” 5 year old!).

  3. Every time I yell at my son who is 11 already, I give myself a word never never to do it again. But it happens now and then. I fall back on the old pattern of reacting to something he has done ‘wrong’ rather than responding or talking about it in a calm way. I feel terrible afterwards and say sorry to him but I can feel that the wall of somewhat like resentment is being built. And that’s what’s really upsetting and scaring me. Though my son is also more responsive to a request at a higher volume, he is also more resentful about it. The younger the kid is, the less harmful yelling looks. But by doing it so, you build a pattern of behaviour that can stand in a way of better communication with your kid when he or she’s older. 

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