5 Things I Will Miss About My Child’s Childhood

by Kim



My oldest son graduated from PreK last week; and for me,  along with celebrating this rather large milestone in his life, came a flood of emotions.   I watched this little boy who I struggled to have (http://2momsonatrain.com/2013/02/26/journey-to-parenthood),  who I sat in the backseat with on our ride home from the hospital, who I rocked to sleep in my arms (more times than I probably should have), walk into a room full of adults, with his head held high, ready to take on the next stage of his life.

For me, I thought about all of the changes that his graduation stood for; and even though I know he will always be my first-born, in September he will start Kindergarten, where his life and our relationship, will change forever.  So as stood there, fighting back the tears, I turned my sadness into thoughts, my thoughts into words, and my words into this post which I call:

5 Things I Will Miss About My Child’s Childhood

#5  LITTLE KIDS, LITTLE PROBLEMS – BIG KIDS, BIG PROBLEMS  This is an easy one… I know that soon I’m going to long for the days of an 8 o’clock bedtime and   5-minutes of extra TV time!

#4  BEDTIME    And speaking of bedtime, for as chaotic as every night seems to be, my boys still need/want me.  Whether it’s them asking me to read another book, sing another song, or even just to lay with them to help them fall asleep; in a few short years instead of asking for “5 more minutes” of my time, they’ll be asking for more time in their rooms, without me.

#3  PICKING OUT THEIR CLOTHES   I remember how exciting it used to be to go shopping for my kids; (yes, even though they are boys, I still loved shopping for them!) but at five and three-and-a-half, I’ve already lost this battle. Gone are the days of cute overalls, polo shirts, even a nice pair of jeans.  If given the choice, my boys would trade in every single piece of clothing they own for a few pairs of sweatpants, some basketball shorts,  some baseball jerseys, and good, old-fashioned, plain, white undershirts.  (I know, I know, try to focus on all of the $$$ money I’m saving!)

#2  HUGS & KISSES   I love being able to hug & kiss my kids wherever AND whenever I want (and I remind them that as their mom, I can do that!);  BUT truth be told, my days of “public” hugs & kisses are numbered, as I know the embarrassment factor is going to come into play and soon I’ll be lucky if I get a kiss on the check, even at home.

#1 – HEARING THEM SAY ” MOMMY, HOLD MY HAND”   Maybe it’s just that I know when I’m holding their hands, they’re safe; and that letting them go, even just to walk in front of me, symbolizes their independence…and ultimately, letting go.



2 thoughts on “5 Things I Will Miss About My Child’s Childhood

  1. Kim–my oldest son, who I struggled to have too, just graduated from high school. I would like to address your comments from someone who has “been there.” Definitely big problems with big kids but no less stressful. My oldest still kisses and hugs me in public. I did something right because every text conversation ends with “love you.” My 16 yr old still gives me the best hugs for no reason. It is harder for me to give them their independence knowing they will make mistakes, their hearts will be broken and this is part of growing up. You will never sleep well-ever. They will always be our babies and we will never stop worrying about them. Just be thankful we don’t have girls!

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